Asian Library Event

Yesterday I visited the Asian Library Event at the University Leiden, because of my participation in the JARAK project (I helped creating an enhanced publication). I wanted to admire the project’s showcase at the Indonesian exhibition, but I was glad I registered for the whole event. I really enjoyed listening about Indonesian and Dutch (non-technical) interfaces, explained by Adriaan van Dis, Elizabeth Pisani and Henk Schulte Nordholt.

ePubs in the Asian Library
The JARAK synthesis, “Jatropha: from an iconic biofuel crop to a green-policy parasite“, has been launched last week and published as an enhanced publication. So when I had the opportunity to buy Elizabeth Pisani’s book “Indonesia, etc“, it had to be the electronic enhanced version as well. I now own the same e-book Elizabeth donated yesterday publicly to the Asian digital library. I expect that the e-pub version of the Jatropha e-publication will be soon available in the Asian Library as well.

Investigating Indonesia
You might have missed the event (it was fully booked), but the Investigating Indonesia exhibition, by Fridus Steijlen, will be on view until January 22, 2015,  and is certainly worthwhile a visit to Leiden. Recommended.